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  介绍家规的英语作文带翻译 篇1
  "The school has the school rules, the home has rules" is often in a word, can be asked "what is discipline? What rules do you have?" A lot of people immediately transfixed.

  The house rules. Every family rules are different. When eating in my home I should be the words of "food, lay not language." After dinner, can not put the chopsticks on the top of the bowl, to put it on the table, this means you have to eat well. If there are bones on the table, bones, etc. To put them into the bowl with chopsticks. Do these things also cannot leave, wait until everyone ate can be away from the table.

  Our family has a house rules - matter however three. One time in the park for a walk after supper, because been stepping on a stool, so I took out a piece of paper, clean bench, I lost a lost. A clean workers came out, said: "you this child how so not bred, litter everywhere." I listened to her, my face red with immediately. Apologize as I go to pick up today as he ran into the trash can, this to put the cleaners anger.

介绍家规的英语作文带翻译(通用5篇)  第1张

  Dan, is the family ethos, Dan once destroyed, this family thinking with corruption. It gives bad reputation is going the rounds and then no one will keep company with the people, want to change at this time is too late.

  My family trait is "filial piety" as the saying goes, hundred good filial first, we want to filial piety the parents and elders. When our parents getting older, more cant talk back, all want to consider parents. Even if they say no, also want to kind of talk. Told us to do things, do not delay, as far as possible to help parents, so as to achieve "hundred good filial first".

  Dan is the house rules, have good manners can in an orderly way, have a good family trait can better based on the society.




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  介绍家规的英语作文带翻译 篇2
  As the saying goes: "the state-owned national law, the home has rules." Our house is not exceptional also, mom and dad is very strict to me, every time the examination must test to 95 points, this poses a conundrum for me, Im good at Chinese and English, saying offensive point I was a "math idiot" so each to exam the day before, my father gave me find a pile of examination papers, exercises and review the data, sometimes want to go to bed at ten o clock, written by my hand acid, the result can only take five minutes, break up and then write.

介绍家规的英语作文带翻译(通用5篇)  第3张

  When the examination the next day, try and not let me down, is my father let me to review, the teacher published scores, I got a whole class the first, I hasten to go back to tell the good news to mom and dad, I didnt think my father did not feel happy, but a face of serious said 1: "yes."

  I am very happy, because mom and dad gave me a house rules and given to my review information has a lot of help, no matter how tired I was after, I will insist on!

  Moms comments: daughter, tell her the truth, good!





  介绍家规的英语作文带翻译 篇3

  Some time ago on TV have been on the topic of family, said everyones home to have a family tradition and family. I am according to the news on the subject, to write this essay. Now we are very focused on the home atmosphere, the atmosphere of the scope is big is small, a country wind, also have class, today, this tradition.


  The so-called family is his family atmosphere, family atmosphere is good or not will affect future generations, of a family or clan tradition should be positive, the first is to pay attention to Drake home, home to the rule of virtue. Wind is divided into several, at home to do a thing, do the housework at home, in the home to do things is a good family. Wind is also called the name, is a home or family tradition.


  The rule is very strict, so the rules of the house must strictly abide by the norms of behavior required of a family, usually by a family inherited the education norm descendants criterion. The rule is also called the law, state law, family rules, is that a country has a national law, a family has a family rule, this rule is equivalent to the law of the country. To the family rules, must know how to do anything about the rules.


  Finally, I think a good family rules and everyone should strictly abide by the norms of behavior, also, they comply with the good rules to our students, to justice.

  介绍家规的英语作文带翻译 篇4
  As the saying goes,”as a country has its state laws, a family also needs family rules.” Every family has its rules. My family rule is no matter where you go, you have to come back before ten o’clock at night. My family always obeys this rule. I know that my parents make this rule is for our safty. I remember that one day my elder sister break this rule, and then she was criticized for a long time.


  介绍家规的英语作文带翻译 篇5
  My parents are very strict. Because I have so many family rules. For example,i cant go out with my friends at school nights. On weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. Its strict, but i think its necessary. And i must finish my homework in time. I cant play puter games. I have to wash clothes by myself.

  I have to get up at six oclock every morning. And i have to be in bed by ten oclock. Thanks to these rules. I can live health.But i think to be in bed by ten oclock is unfair! Students need nine hours sleep! And i think play some puter games is not badly. Soi think the family rules can make some change.

  我的父母十分严格。因为我拥有如此多的家庭规则。 举例来说,夜晚我不能去我的朋友在学校。在周末,我回家之前,9时有严格的,但我认为这是必要的。我务必完成我的功课的时光。我不能玩电脑游戏。我要自我洗衣服。我不得不起床六点钟每早晨。和我务必在床上的十点钟。由于这些规则。I能够生活健康。但是我认为要在床上的十点钟是不公平的!学生需要9个小时的睡眠!我觉得玩一些电脑游戏不严重关于我的家规英语作文4篇作文。我认为,家庭规则能够作出一些改变。