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During World War II, ying Meijun just investigated what the bullet of shell hole on the plane survives after fighting to distributing, decide where bullet of shell hole strengthens where more. Ward however prevail over all dissenting views, see essence through the phenomenon, point out the position that should notice bullet of shell hole is little more. The fact proves, such doing is right. What Wang Anshi says no less than: “ not block of Wei cloud drift looks at an eye, be in from predestined relationship body top layer. When ” encounters heavy anything that misleads people, only Ben Qingyuan of go against the river, ability dials the cloud to come loose mist, before continueing, go.


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See essence through the phenomenon, ability not by presentative place becloud, ability searchs the essence of backside. answer doubt does not have heavy water of alleged “ hill road, promising another village ” , encounter a problem to be at a loss however, or sciolistic when, we want ceaseless dug, inquire into the root of the matter, just can solve difficult problem. Still remember textbook of junior high school in that " animal of the stone in the river " ? The cloister entrance door that faces a river collapses, the stone animal of the doorway is sunken in the river, a monk chooses direct current and fall, row look for; Discourse on an academic subject animal of domestic cognizance stone is buried in Sha Li, jump over defect deeper, the choice is falling the place of stone is searched; And arms of one old river chooses to turn over its to however and go, refluent and go up those who search. Final fact proves, the viewpoint of old river arms is right. Monk and discourse on an academic subject the home is sciolistic, be used to subjective assume however, hard to avoid is not puzzled by the phenomenon before. Resemble old river army only same inquire deeply into, investigate the character of dug thing deep in the round, ability can find stone animal.


See essence through the phenomenon, can probe the mystery that gives backside, let people get know newly. Newton is broken by the apple in those days in, did not stay in the idea of malic be born however, the consideration changes a place to be being waited for, choose thorough make a thorough inquiry however, be born of Cong Ping fruit found the action of the reason —— gravitation that its fall in the phenomenon of this one of course. Later, people with his full marks / the unit that the name regards “ force as ” , return recognition ” of his “ a versatile person for encyclopedia type. Chemist powerful class is in in chemical experiment, apron is splashed by chemical article, this is originally again the phenomenon that common does not cross, he makes through article of chemistry of this problem dug however apron flaming reason, still discovered spirited dynamite finally, this action also is on chemistry history the brushstroke that drew thick Mo Chongcai. Of the world big, still a lot of mystery remain to discover, probably the problem backside that they conceal in certain common, need us to pass through a phenomenon, explore deep ceaselessly.

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See essence through the phenomenon, can not by “ iceberg place of one horn ” puzzles, can discover the Icelandic ” of a “ next, conserve thereby oneself. Before paragraph time, the popularity on the network ate one kind to be able to let a person appear psychedelic poisonous dawdle, in the final analysis, namely many people puzzle for its outside gorgeous place, set defense sector to collect none then feed, drive because of bromatoxism toward hospital cure finally. The doubt that still has epidemic situation of this new coronal is like fountainhead —— wild animal, because its see inaccessibly,is some of person before this, cannot restrain curiosity and in succession edible, result open the gate of epidemic situation, disaster was reached by tens of thousands life, let countless families broken up, it is afterwards hard. Accordingly, see a thing should not stay in the surface only, the thing that looks again good, if gold and jade outside its, defeat garrulous among them, ought not to wallow in among them, explore its are substaintial, seasonable extricate oneself, just be correct path.

不畏浮云遮望眼作文1000字  第3张


" young prince " in write: “ sees a thing clearly only with heart ability, it is invisible that important thing uses an eye. ” is not puzzled by exterior phenomenon place, ability does not drop the decoy of “ enemy ” , see essence through the phenomenon, ability gains genuine knowledge, understand the true meaning of the life and life.