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“ alas! I envy you really, you left cold the Suzhou of misty haze, go to American California basking! I will come back tomorrow and classmates play ”“ together! ”


Hanged the telephone call that just understood with young associate, happy holiday spent 10 days in American California, we published the Dong Hang flight number of return.

一次特别的心灵旅程作文800字  第1张


In long-distance flight, I begin to gaze around. “ well? Mom, you are seeing the strange flower of video program ‘ on the plane say ’ ! ”

一次特别的心灵旅程作文800字  第2张


I looked sidelong at screen curiously, discover this period debate topic is “ air worse and worse, should choose to leave? ” this examination questions is significant! I also am full of interest it seems that.


The teacher in just seeing square Huangzhi at that time stands up say:


“…… the pride with a the biggest country,


It is the people that he fosters a flock of enervated.


What our modern lives is gas (can migrate freely) ,


You have wing you can fly! ”


My heart thinks: Air is bad that that wanted to leave of course, why we want from a great distance otherwise come to the United States celebrate a festival?


At this moment, an uncle that wearing glasses to be called Chen Ming stood, began a delegate to turn over square controversy:


We can use “…… the health that other way protects us,


一次特别的心灵旅程作文800字  第3张

But need not leave.


The pride of a country,


The composition is education go out or say to have a batch to care about him airy people.


So Where is people's pride?


Be to leave it to still change it? ”


The airlines flies very smoothly, but this momently my heart was shaken deeply however. Looking the controversy that turn white-hot is immersed in on screen, I remember suddenly: What I see in Santiago is giant aircraft carrier is how contemporary, does the san Francisco tourist guide that if wash,blue sky greens jade say this is “ complete United States however does ”…… of city of the 2nd pollution have cleaner than such blue sky place? This dare imagine scarcely! Then I am staring at the summary of the Chen Ming on screen closely more closely to make a speech:


Person of “ every generation has the certain price that a fate changes,


Mist haze is the cost of industrialized big production.


And stay,


Can pay the action to change an environment.


The means that people cares about it is to sound! ”


Oh! This is completely different state! Now, I understood Zhou En comes to what the appeal “ that the premier gives out in his youth times is China to rise abruptly eventually and read ” is to hold what kind of mind! And solved problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill we this generation person should since bear what kind of take on!


Song of “ the Yangtse River stops tune east, deep is close group of division aid worlds are poor. ” knowledge dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland, beneficial of science and technology civilian, if our everybody tries hard to carry an a bit thing, all metropolises are good!