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1、Take the world as it is随遇而安。

2、The bait hides the hook饵里藏钩;笑里藏刀。

3、Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear说鬼鬼到。

4、That which one least anticipates soonest es to pass事非逆料偏易发生。

5、Tell not all you know nor judge of all you see if you would live in peace明白的不要全部倾吐,看到的不要都加评语,这样生活能够安宁。

6、Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof一天的不幸已够人受的了,别再自寻烦恼。

7、Take a hair of the dog that bit you以毒攻毒。

8、Teach others by your example躬亲示范。

9、That is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit好书开卷引人入胜,闭卷使人得益。

10、Sweep before your own door先律己,后律人。

11、Take the world as one finds it听之任之。

12、That which is evil is soon learnt恶行易学。

13、Take honour from me and my life is undone夺我名声,我命即亡。

14、Talk of an angel and you'll hear his wings说到曹操,曹操就到。

15、Take things as they e既来之,则安之。

16、Telling your troubles is swelling your troubles诉说烦恼等于增加烦恼。

17、Take a pain for a pleasure all wise man can智者能视苦为乐。

18、Take one's courage in both hands勇往直前,敢作敢为。

19、That is not good language which all understand not不是人人都懂的语言不是好语言。

20、Teaching others teaches yourself教学相长。

21、Such carpenters, such chips什麽样的木匠,出什麽活。

22、The ass wags his ears自鸣自得。

23、Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves积少成多。

24、That was indeed a pretty kettle of fish那真是糟糕透顶的事。

25、The (or A) beggar may sing before the thief (or footbad)既是穷光蛋,何虑窃贼偷。

26、Temperance is the greatest of virtues自我节制是最大的美德。

27、That teacher helps his pupils most who most helps them to help themselves教师尽力帮忙学生独立工作是给学生最大的帮忙。[由Www.Kelax.Cn整理]

28、Sweet discourse makes short days and nights言语投机恨时短。

29、Success has many friends成功者朋友多。

30、Temperance is the greatest of virture自我节制是最大的美德。

31、Tall mankind are beholden to him that is kind to the good行善者,人人铭记之。

32、Take time by the forelock要抓住时机。

33、Take time for deliberation; hste spoils everything要费时思索,暴躁会坏事。

34、Take time while time is, for time will be away有时光要加以利用,因为时光是要消逝的。

35、Take the rough with the smooth既能享乐也能吃苦。

36、Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in做事要深思熟虑,但时机一到,就要动手,不要犹豫。

37、Take a pain for a pleasure all wise men can智者皆能视苦为乐。

38、Take little, but give much应少索取,而多奉献。

39、That which was bitter to endure may be sweet to remember苦楚往日难忍受,记起也许甜心头。

40、Success grows out of struggles to overe difficulties成功来自于克服困难的斗争。

41、Temperance is the best physic克制乃是最好的治疗。

42、That's good wisdom which is wisdom in the end最终的聪慧才算真聪慧。

43、Tastes differ众口难调。

44、Take things as they e (or are)既来之,则安之。

45、Tell it to the marines我不相信。

46、Study to be what you wish to seem学习可成为你所梦想的人物。

47、Suit the action to the word怎麽说就怎麽做。

48、Take away my good name and take away my life夺了我的名誉等于夺了我的生命。

49、Suspicion is the poison of true friendship猜疑伤害莫逆之交。

50、Sure bind, sure find捆得好,逃不了。

51、Take one thing with another由此及彼。

52、Take care of small sums and the large will take care of themselves省小钱才能积大财。

53、Such beginning, such ending有怎样的开始,就有怎样的结束。

54、Tall trees catch much wind树大招风。

55、Talk of the devil and he will appear说曹操,曹操就到。

56、The abundance of money ruins youth钱多毁青年。

57、Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves注重你的理智,声调自会细心。

58、Tears are the silent language of grief眼泪是悲哀的无声言辞。

59、That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful漂亮而引人注目的东西不必须都善良,但善良的东西总是漂亮的。

60、Success belongs to the persevering坚持就是胜利。

61、The battle is to the strong强者必胜

62、Tell me thy pany and I will tell thee what thou art把你的交友讲给我听,我会讲出你是何许人。

63、Talking mends no holes空谈无补。

64、Take something by the best handle理解某事物,乘其好机会。

65、Take time when time es lest time steal away机不可失,时不再来。


1、If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn(Thomas Edison, American inventor )如果你年轻时就没有学会思考,那么就永远学不会思考。(美国发明家 爱迪生T。)

2、The shortest answer is doing最简单的回答就是干。

3、Two heads are better than one三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。

4、No success in life merely happens人生中没有什么成功是纯粹偶然得来的。

5、God helps those who help themselves天助自助者。

6、good is good, but better carries it精益求精

7、The way to learn a language is to practice speaking it as often as possible学习一门语言的方法就是要尽量多地练习说。

8、Relax! be patient and enjoy yourselflearning foreign languages should be fun放松点!要有耐性,并让自我欢乐!学习外语应当是乐趣无穷的。

9、Don't believe that winning is really everythingIt's more important to stand for somethingIf you don't stand for something, what do you win 不要认为取胜就是一切,更重要的是要有信念。倘若你没有信念,那胜利又有什么意义呢?

10、It takes a lot of thought and effort and downright determination to be agreeable要做到与人融洽相处,需要仔细地思考,认真地努力和痛下决心。

11、To sensible men, every day is a day of reckoning-J。W。Gardner对聪明人来说,每一天的时光都是要精打细算的。

12、Other people's interruptions of your work are relatively insignificant pared with the countless times you interrupt yourself别人对你工作的干扰与你自我无数次地打断自我相比,微不足道。

13、Learning is the eye of the mind知识是心灵的慧眼。

14、Great hopes make great man伟大的梦想造就伟大的人。

15、If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn如果你年轻时没有学会思考,那就永远学不会思考。


1、reading is to the mind while exercise to the body。读书健脑,运动强身。

2、you have to believe in yourselfthat’s the secret of success。人必须有自信,这是成功的秘密。

3、where there is life there is hope。生命满期望,前路由我创。

4、soon ripe, soon rotten。熟得快,烂得快。

5、where there is a will, there is a way有志者事竟成。

6、time and tide wait for no man。时光不等人。

7、relax! be patient and enjoy yourselflearning foreign languages should be fun。放松点!要有耐性,并让自我欢乐!学习外语应当是乐趣无穷的。

8、there is no end to learning学无止境。

9、learning is the eye of the mind学问是心灵的眼睛。

10、rome wasn’t built in a daywork harder and practice moreyour hardworking will be rewarded by god one daygod is equal to everyone!冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。更加努力地学习,更加勤奋地操练,你所付出的一切将会得到上帝的报答,上帝是公平的。

11、wise men are silent; fools talk蠢人多话,智者寡言。

12、try not to bee a man of success but rather try to bee a man of value。与其做一个成功的人,还不如做一个有价值的人。

13、learning any language takes a lot of effortbut don’t give up。学习任何语言都是需要花费很多努力,但不要放下。

14、reading enriches the mind。开卷有益。

15、pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably。不管追求什么目标,都应坚持不懈。

16、there is no royal road to learning学无坦途。

17、there is no such thing as a great talent without great willpower。没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略。

18、soon learn, soon forgotten。学得快,忘得快。

19、reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting读书不加思考,如同吃东西不经消化。

20、practice makes perfect。熟能生巧。


Complacency is the enemy of study。


Study to be what you wish to seem


A book that remains shut is but a block。


Fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools


By reading we enrich the mind, by conversation we polish it


Books and friends should be few but good


A young idler, an old beggar



1、No pain, no gain。


2、There is no end to learning。


3、All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy。


4、A man bees learned by asking questions。


5、Books and friends should be few but good。


6、By reading we enrich the mind, by conversation we polish it。


7、Complacency is the enemy of study。


8、Fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools。


9、Knowledge is power。


10、Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud。


11、Learn and live。


12、gods determine what you're going to be。


13、genius only means hard-working all one's life。


14、pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably。


15、Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand。


16、The way to learn a language is to practice speaking it as often as possible。


17、If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn。


18、Learning is the eye of the mind。


19、Relax! be patient and enjoy yourselflearning foreign languages should be fun。


20、Great hopes make great man。


21、God helps those who help themselves。


22、if you want to be happy, make yourself useful。


23、Growth in wisdom may be exactlyi measured by decrease in bitterness。


关于学习的英语谚语300则  第1张

24、A great man once said it is necessary to dill as much as possible, and the more you apply it in real situations, the more natural it will bee。


25、a bold attempt is half success。


26、all things are difficult before they are easy。


27、better late than never。


28、constant dropping wears the stone。


29、east or west, home is best。


30、god helps those who help themselves。


31、good pany on the road is the shortest cut。


32、great hopes make great man。


33、Do one thing at a time, and do well。


34、Keep on going never give up。

勇往直前, 决不放下!

35、Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well。


36、Believe in yourself。


37、I can because i think i can。


38、Action speak louder than words。


39、Never say die。


40、Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow。


41、one today is worth two tomorrows。


42、the tongue is boneless but it breaks bones。


43、truth never fears investigation。


44、two heads are better than one。


45、Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will e naturally。


46、Knowlegde can change your fate and English can acplish your future。


47、The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today。


48、Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud。



Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud。


There is no end to learning。


There is no royal road to learning。


Knowledge starts with practice。


It is never too old to learn。


A man bees learned by asking questions。


No pains, no gains。


Knowledge is power。


Knowledge advances by steps not by leaps。


Knowledge makes humble; ignorance makes proud。


Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age。


Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse。


Experience keeps a dear school, but fools learn in no other。


Art is long, but lift is short。


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; all play and no work makes Jack a mere boy。


A little learning is a dangerous thing。


A handful of mon sense is worth bushel of learning。


A good book is a best friend who never turns his back upon us。


A man cannot spin and reel at the sametime。


Readingis to the mind while exercise to the body。



1、Barking dogs seldom bite善吠的狗很少咬人。

2、Better are small fish than an empty dish有胜于无。

3、A bad thing never dies坏事传千年。

4、Better to do well than to say well说得好不如做得好。

5、Blind men can judge no colours不宜问道于盲。

6、Better an open enemy than a false friend明枪易躲,暗箭难防。

7、Bite the hand that feeds one恩将仇报。

8、Between friends all is mon朋友之间不分彼此。

9、Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed人无所求最享福,因他不为失望苦。

关于学习的英语谚语300则  第2张

10、Brave actions never want a trumpet勇敢的行为不须要吹号。

11、Better good neighbours near than relations far away远亲不如近邻。

12、Benefits please like flowers, while they are fresh恩泽让人欣喜,犹如鲜花使人心醉Be prepared to put one''s hand in one''s pocket准备慷慨解囊。

13、Bind the sack before it be full做事应适可而止。

14、Better an empty purse than an empty head宁可钱袋瘪,不要脑袋空。

15、A bad penny always turns up烂钱总是会再回笼。

16、Better lose a jest than a friend宁可不说一句俏皮话,以免得罪朋友们。

17、Bring up a raven and he''ll pick out your eyes养虎贻患。

18、Beware of a silent dog and still water警惕无声之狗会咬人,平静之水会覆舟Beware of him who regards not his reputation要谨防不重自我名誉的人Big mouthfuls ofter choke贪多嚼不烂。

19、Be considerate towards the poor要为穷人着想。

20、Brevity is the soul of wit言以简洁为贵。

21、Bed is a medicine睡好觉,如服药。

22、Better go to bed supperless than rise in debt宁可饿肚子,切莫去借债Better half an egg than empty shell半只蛋也比空壳好。

23、Burnt child dreads the fire一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。

24、Beauty may have fair leaves, but bitter fruit美丽的花或许长好叶,结苦果。

25、Bread is the staff of life民以食为天。

26、Bees that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails。口蜜腹剑。

27、Better lose the saddle than the horse吃小亏占大便宜。

28、Better a glorious death than a shameful life忍辱贪生不如死得光荣。

29、Beg from beggers and you''ll never be rich向乞丐乞讨,永远发不了财。

30、Better be out of the world than out of fashion不合潮流不如脱离尘世。

31、Better poor with honour than rich with shame穷得光荣,胜过富得可耻Better pills may have wholesome effects良药苦口。

32、Be swift to hear, slow to speak多听少说。

33、A bad workman quarrels with his tools拙匠常怨工具差(人笨怨刀钝)。

34、Bacchus has drowned more men than Nepture。酒神淹死的人比海神多Bad news has wings坏事传千里。

35、A bad bush is better than the open field有胜于无。

36、Behind bad luck es good luck塞翁失马,焉知非福。

37、Business is business公事公办。

38、Beggars must be no choosers饥不择食。

39、Better wit than wealth智力胜于财富。

40、Better be the head of an ass than the tail of a horse宁为驴头,不为马尾Better deny at once than promise long轻诺必寡信。

41、Beauty is but a blossom美丽只是盛开的花朵。

42、Better one-eyed than stone-blind独眼总比全瞎好。

43、Better the foot slip than the tongue trip宁可滑跤,不可失言。

44、Birth is much, but breeding is more出身固然重要,教养更且重要。

45、Better master one than engage with ten精通一事胜于会十事。

46、Bad workmen often blame their tools拙匠常怪工具差。

47、Between two stools one falls to the ground脚踏两头要落空。

48、Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow前程虽远大,现实尤可贵。

49、Be just to all, but trust not all要公正对待所有的人,但不要轻信所有的人Believe no tales from the enemy切莫轻信敌人。

50、Beware beginnings慎始为上。

51、A bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk闻其歌知其鸟,听其言知其人。

52、Be honest rather clever诚实比聪明更要紧。

53、Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow前程虽远大,现实尤可贵。

54、Bite off more than one can chew贪多咽不下。

55、Better wear out shoes than sheets宁可(经常运动)穿破鞋子,也不(因病长卧)磨破床单。

56、Better wear out than rust out与其闲散不如忙碌。

57、Beggars cannot be choosers饥不择食。

58、A bad promise is better than a good lawsuit吃亏的和解也比胜诉强。

59、Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse投鼠忌器。

60、Better a little fire to warm us, than a great one to burn us适量的火好取暖,熊熊烈火能焚身。

61、A bird may be known by its song什么鸟唱什么歌。

62、Birds of a feather flock together物以类聚,人以群分。

63、A beggar's purse is bottomless乞丐的钱袋是无底洞。关于学习的英文谚语

64、Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose与其说话不中肯,不如一言不发好Better some of a pudding than none of a pie聊胜于无。

65、Better late than never迟做总比不做好。

66、Be slow in choosing a friend; slower in changing选择朋友要审慎,摒弃更要审又慎Be slow to promise and quick to perform不轻诺,诺必果。

67、Beauty lies in lover's eyes情人眼里出西施。

68、Better eye sore than all blind眼痛总比瞎眼好。

69、Beware of a man of one book不要与一个有专业知识的人争论。

70、A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。

71、A bad beginning makes a bad ending恶其始者必恶其终。

72、Before gold, even kings take off their hats有钱能使鬼推磨。

73、Beauty is but skin-deep红颜易变。

74、Bare words, no bargain空言不能成交易。

75、Better be poor than wicked宁可做穷人,不要做坏人。

76、Beauty is potent; but money is omnipotent美丽是有力量的,但金钱更有权威Beauty is truth, truth beauty美就是真,真就是美。

77、Blood will have blood血债要用血来还。

78、Beauty is in the eye of the gazer。情人眼里出西施。

79、Better is the neighbour''s hen than mine人莫知其苗之硕。

80、Better be alone than in bad pany交损友不如无友。

81、Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen书籍如朋友,应当少而精Borrowed garments never fit well借来的衣服不合身。

82、Better ask twice than lose you way once宁愿问路两次胜过迷路一次。

83、Better die with honour than live with shame与其忍辱偷生,不如光荣而死Better early than late宁早勿迟。

84、Business before pleasure事业在先,享乐在后。

85、Blood is thicker than water血浓于水。

86、Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip功亏一篑。

87、Beauty, unacpanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume美而无德犹如花之无香。

88、Believe somebody on his bare word人言无据,切勿轻信。

89、Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion宁为犬首,不作狮尾。

90、A bad padlock invites a picklock。开门揖盗。

91、Better a bachelor's life than a slovenly wife过光棍生活,胜过有一个邋遢老婆Better ask twice than lose you way once宁愿问路两次胜过迷路一次。

92、Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear眼见的不能全信,耳闻的也不能半信。

93、Be always as merry as ever you can, for no-one delights in a sorrowful man务请心境常欢畅,只因无人喜忧伤。

94、A bargain is a bargain达成的协议不可撕毁。

95、A bad conscience is a snake in one's heart做贼心虚。

96、Bitter pills may have wholesome effects良药苦口利于病。

97、Being on sea, sail; being on land, settle随遇而安。


1、Every dog has his day。谁都有得意的时候。

2、Easier said than done。说得容易,做得难。

3、Fortune favors those who use their judgement。机遇偏爱善断之人。

4、A close mouth catches no flies。病从口入。

5、Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you。不要自找麻烦。

6、A faithful friend is hard to find。知音难觅。

7、Genius is nothing but labor and diligence。天才可是是勤奋而已。

8、A candle lights others and consumes itself。蜡烛照亮别人,却毁灭了自我。

9、Cry for the moon。海底捞月。

10、Every day is not Sunday。好景不常在。

11、Friends agree best at distance。朋友之间也会坚持距离。

12、Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise。早睡早起身体好。

13、Custom is a second nature。习惯是后天养成的。

14、Every advantage has its disadvantage。有利必有弊。

15、A friend without faults will never be found。没有十全十美的朋友。

16、First impressions are half the battle。初次见面,印象最深。

17、Actions speak louder than words。事实胜于雄辩。

18、Easy e, easy go。来也匆匆,去也匆匆。

19、Adversity makes a man wise, not rich。逆境出人才。


21、Diamond cuts diamond。强中自有强中手。

22、Good for good is natural, good for evil is manly。以德报德是常理,以德报怨大丈夫。

23、Good health is over wealth。健康是最大的财富。

24、Creep before you walk。循序渐进。

25、A cat has lives。猫有九条命。

26、Do well and have well。善有善报。

27、A friend is never known till a man has need。需要之时方知友。

28、A good beginning makes a good ending。善始者善终。

29、Four eyes see more than two。集思广益。

30、Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today。今日事,今日毕。

31、Good medicine for health tastes bitter to the mouth。良药苦口利于病。

32、A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit。吃一堑,长一智。

33、Doing is better than saying。与其挂在嘴上,不如落实在行动上。

34、A friend in need is a friend indeed。患难见真情。

35、A good book is a good friend。好书如挚友。

36、Count one's chickens before they are hatched。蛋未孵先数雏。

37、Custom makes all things easy。

38、Empty vessels make the greatest sound。实磨无声空磨响,满瓶不动半瓶摇。

39、A fair death honors the whole life。死得其所,流芳百世。

40、A constant guest is never wele。常客令人厌。

41、Fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools。愚者不学无术,智者不耻下问。

42、First think and then speak。先想后说。

43、Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success。自信是走向成功的第一步。

44、Everybody's business is nobody's business。人人负责,等于没人负责。

45、A good beginning is half done。良好的开端是成功的一半。

46、Great men have great faults。英雄犯大错误。

47、Fortune knocks once at least at every man's gate。风水轮流转。

48、God helps those who help themselves。自助者天助。

49、First e, first served。先来后到。

50、Great trees are good for nothing but shade。大树底下好乘凉。

51、Content is better than riches。知足者常乐。

52、Adversity leads to prosperity。穷则思变。

53、Fool's haste is no speed。欲速则不达。

54、Great barkers are no biters。好狗不挡道。

55、Good watch prevents misfortune。谨慎消灾。

56、Don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs。不要班门弄斧。

57、Don't have too many irons in the fire。不要揽事过多。

58、Friends must part。再好的朋友也有分手的时候。

59、A fox may grow gray, but never good。江山易改,本性难移。

60、Give a dog a bad name and hang him。众口铄金,积毁销骨。

61、Do nothing by halves。凡事不可半途而废。

62、Constant dripping wears away a stone。水滴石穿,绳锯木断。

63、Fools has fortune。呆人有呆福。关于学习的英文谚语

64、A cat may look at a king。猫也能够打量国王,意为人人平等。

65、Each bird love to hear himself sing。孤芳自赏。

66、A good conscience is a soft pillow。不做亏心事,不怕鬼叫门。

67、Gold will not buy anything。黄金并非万能。

68、Don't put the cart before the horse。不要本末倒置。

69、Do it now。机不可失,时不再来。

70、Don't make a mountain out of a molehill。不要小题大做。

71、A friend is easier lost than found。得朋友难,失朋友易。

72、Great minds think alike。英雄所见略同。

73、Forbidden fruit is sweet。禁果格外香。

关于学习的英语谚语300则  第3张

74、Fire is a good servant but a bad master。火是一把双刃剑。

75、Don't claim to know what you don't know。不要不懂装懂。

76、Do as the Romans do。入乡随俗。

77、Envy has no holidays。忌妒之人无宁日。

78、Fools grow without watering。朽木不可雕。

79、Every little helps a mickle。聚沙成塔,集腋成裘。

80、Great hopes make great man。伟大的抱负造就伟大的人物。

81、Even reckoning makes long friends。亲兄弟,明算账。

82、A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever。一本好书,相伴一生。

83、Even Homer sometimes nods。智者千虑,必有一失。

84、Courtesy on one side only lasts not long。来而不往非礼也。

85、Great men's sons seldom do well。富可是三代。

86、Every door may be shut, but death's door。人生在世,唯死难逃。

87、Do as you would be done by。己所不欲,勿施于人。

88、Friends are thieves of time。朋友是时光的窃贼。

89、Every heart has its own sorrow。各人有各人的苦恼。

90、Eat to live, but not live to eat。人吃饭是为了活着,但活着不是为了吃饭。


Learning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without studying results in tardiness。


Reading make a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man。


Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles。


The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook。


The three foundations of learning; seeing much, suffering much, and studying much。


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it。


Time is a bird for ever on the wing。


Too great an eagerneto discharge on obligation is a species of ingratitude。



What one describes in the books is one’s thought in his mindThe personality of a book is that of the author。


If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him。


Ignorance is not innocence but sin。


Isn’t it a happy thing if you review what you have learned on time?


It never will rain rosesWhen we want to have more roses we must plant trees。


Knowledge es, but wisdom lingers。


Knowledge is one thing, virtue is another。


Learning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without studying results in tardiness。


Life is short and art is long。


Much learning shows how little mortals know。


No matter how much one has experienced, he can’t enrich his knowledge without reading books。


A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight-Shelley


There are two motives for reading a book: one that you enjoy it; the other that you can boast about it。-Bertrand Russell


aosheng need of water; the growth of the juvenile need to learn。


Stars so dazzling gorgeous sky; knowledge is their talent and abilities。


Health food supplement, rich in the wisdom books。


Reading a book, by a gain in your wit。


Do not eat the hungry, do not read the stupid。


Too great an eagerneto discharge on obligation is a species of ingratitude。


What one describes in the books is one’s thought in his mindThe personality of a book is that of the author。


“Classic” A book which people praise and don't read-Mark Twain


People die, but books never dieNo man and no force can abolish memory-Franklin Roosevelt


Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books-Chinese Proverb


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors; and the most patient of teachers-C。W。Eliot


Life being very short, and the quiet hour of it few; we ought to waste none of them in reading valueless books。-John Ruskin


If well used, books are the best of all things; if abused, among the worst-R。W。Emerson


The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries-Rene Descartes


If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him。


Ignorance is not innocence but sin。


Isn’t it a happy thing if you review what you have learned on time?


It never will rain rosesWhen we want to have more roses we must plant trees。


Knowledge es, but wisdom lingers。


Knowledge is one thing, virtue is another。